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Transform your employees into a 
team of champions

Kosko is an innovative platform designed to measure and understand the personality of your employees to help build better teams

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How it Works?

Know your employees better

Kosko is changing the way companies understand their employees to build better teams.

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Take tests

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Get results

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Build teams

By understanding the personalities of your employees, Kosko can help you to build better teams and improve communication and collaboration within your organization.

Who is it for?

Take your team management to the next level

Kosko uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to measure key personality traits. This technology can be used for recruitment and selection as well as coaching and development.

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For C-level, HRs and managers to build more efficient teams within the organization

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Small businesses

For business owners and team leaders to increase mutual understanding of the team

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For individuals and employees to understand themselves better

Why Kosko?

Knowing Ourselves Start Knowing Others

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Build better teams

Create the best match of employees to build better teams and boost productivity

With Kosko you will be able to create the best matches within your organizations, which will help you to improve your company's productivity as well as building up individual confidence. 

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Smart testing

Engaging tests to encourage your employees to get to know themselves better

The results of the tests are provided in visually appealing graphs to help employees grow and managers to improve team cohesion

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Intuitive dashboards

Simple monitoring of progress to keep your team on track

When you have all your team's metrics in one place, it's easy to see where everyone is excelling and where there is room for improvement. 


From individual tests to building teams - Kosko has it all

Kosko is focused on both the technical aspects of functionality, as well as on the best psychological approach.

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Scientifically proven

Kosko is based on years of academic research and has been approved by leading scientists in the field of psychology

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NLP approach

Kosko uses a neurolinguistic programming method to analyze how people communicate and how this affects their behavior

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AI data analysis

Kosko uses the power of AI to help you analyze data from your employees and use it to improve team dynamics


Our partners and sponsors

We are proud to have respected companies as well as universities as our partners and sponsors

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e-book for free

There are a lot of bad communicators in this world. That's why we want to give you a coupon to download the book "Burattini siamo noi" by Beppe Carrella for free. Inside, you'll learn what goes into great leadership and how far good communication can take your business.


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